Every year Sierra and Klrissa Hancock use their birthdays to give back to their community rather than receiving gifts. Hope Academy For Kids has been the lucky recipient of several of their birthday projects and we appreciate the girls’ caring hearts. This year, Klrissa decided to surprise HAFK with an outdoor ‘Little Library’ where members of our community and of HAFK can receive all sorts of books.

After unveiling the project to family and HAFK staff, Klrissa shared that the project took her several days to complete with the help of her father. Klriss nailed all the boards, did all the painting, and even helped to dig the holes and set the concrete for the library. We are so very grateful that such a wonderful young woman chose to give us a gift that has not only blessed us, but will continue to bless others.

Thank you Klrissa for your gift to Hope Academy For Kids and we wish you a very very happy birthday!

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